Lies to Myself

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I'm good in denying at obvious things; while most people are good at believing in my lies. What a pity. How I really wish to admit that what they suspect are true, but things aren't easy for me. A problem branches to an issue that becomes another problem. I don't want to lose my friends and I don't want to lose the faith of the world. I'm still young and things aren't getting any better as time passes by. I have this urge to show and express, but things can go wrong. So..

...I think I should keep it to myself for now.


...I think I can still handle all these pressure.

Pretty Boys

They are my family not on the grounds that we are bound by something as unintentional as blood, but because of something substantially more grounded called choice.


My Personal Life

Does all the computer knowledge that I have accumulated in these past few years worth more than the things that the people of my age are expected to be doing?